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Nov 16

Promoting More Employee Wellness

The more people get up from their desks, the better. However small, a walking break is still an exercise! So encourage people to leave their desks for lunch, have more walking meetings, or…

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Dec 05

Mood in the Workplace

Create opportunities for people to meet and work with each other outside their usual teams. Create task forces, project teams, connect people based on their learning objectives or interests, maybe…

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Nov 22

Managing Employee Mood

Keeping employees in a good mood creates an overall positive environment within any workspace. Here are some of the reasons why it’s beneficial for your company: Healthy snacks are great! Stock up…

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Nov 14

Boosting Employee Well-Being

Everyone has different priorities outside of work and some of them require time commitments. Respect that some employees would want to build their daily schedule slightly differently, i.e. drop kids…

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