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Teaching computers how language works

Oct 04

Fido.ai's CEO Michal Wroczynski discusses our approach to language understanding

Fido’s vision is to harness the world’s knowledge, which is hidden within 
 the internet and make it available to everyone who wants to learn from it. 
 The data is out there. The only problem is that currently, we would need to 
 read it all by ourselves, which is nearly impossible for us as individuals.
 Google’s goal is to index all information online. We want to give you the 
 answer you’re looking for, not just a link to a website. We want to build a 
 ‘collective intelligence’ —not to mimic a human brain, but rather to get 
 access to the knowledge from billions of humans’ minds combined together.

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Sep 04

Fido.ai has been acquired by Samurai Labs

We’re thrilled to announce that Fido.ai has been acquired by Samurai Labs 
 -- a pioneering artificial intelligence lab dedicated to preventing online 

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May 12

Three waves of AI according to DARPA

According to DARPA, there will be three waves of AI. In the past, we have 
 had symbolic AIs with handcrafted knowledge. Today, we can see the 
 flowering of the second wave -- statistical learning. We have already seen 
 its great successes, and recently we have become increasingly aware of its 
 limitations. Fido AI is a pioneer of the third wave of AI -- contextual 

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Jan 11

Fido.ai Selected to the 2017 AI 100 by CB Insights

CB Insights today selected Fido.ai to the prestigious Artificial 
 Intelligence 100 list (“AI 100”), a select group of emerging private 
 companies working on ground breaking artificial intelligence technology. CB 
 Insights CEO and co-founder, Anand Sanwal, revealed the winners during The 
 Innovation Summit, a gathering of top executives and investors to explore 
 the industries of the future. 

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Fido.Ai - Fido.ai - Conversational Platform AI

Fido.ai: Artificial Intelligence that reads and understands for you.

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