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AI Deployment Platform for Industrial Operations. Used by industrial companies on five continents to improve operational efficiency.

Before creating FieldBox.ai, Antoine Trihoreau, Aymeric Preveral-Etcheverry and Peter von Campe experienced the difficulties of making business decisions in their respective duties. That was due to the poor quality of information in industrial operations : poor quality of operational data, lack of connectivity, or absence of appropriate decision-making tools. To solve these challenges, they started building their own data platform, transposing the recent advances of digital technologies of the web industry such as big data, UX and analytics, to complex industrial operations.

The FieldBox project started in 2012 and underwent an intense phase of R&D before the product was made available on the market. The platform was used for the first time in 2014 in Africa, leading the young company to become an organization capable of facing challenges globally.

Company Details
  • http://fieldbox.ai
  • Headquarters Bordeaux
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  • Specialties Technology & Internet, Manufacturing, Industrial, Logistics
Case Studies
Case Study : Groupe Aéroport De Paris | Baggage Load Prediction

Luggage sorting system are complex systems that are key to ensuring smooth operations in Airports.

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Case Study : Total E&P | Pump Failure Prediction

Pump Failure Detection AI Agent is able to accurately identify when a pump is in an abnormal situation.

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Case Study : Sncf | Smart Escalator

Mechanical Stairs Predictive Maintenance bot can detect anomalies, predict possible breakdowns, and recommend Operators and Maintainers.

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