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Dec 01

The AI Revolution is disrupting logistics; you just don’t notice.

Deep learning, autonomous vehicles and Westworld bots may be trending on Twitter, but neural nets and artificial intelligence showed up decades ago. John McCarthy coined the term “artificial…

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Jun 12

Hindsight: Contextual Logging at Fraight

A few months ago, we decided to do something a little bit risky. We invested meaningful engineering resources into something far afield from our core product. We built a tool to analyze our…

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Jan 08

*ding* Notifications, Subscriptions, and Productivity!

Notifications are hard. Whether its Facebook, Gmail, or your own app, getting users the right information at the right time is crucial. Too chatty, you risk tune out; too quiet and your user might…

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Jan 06

React-Redux Decorators

Did you know that you can use the connect method in react-redux as a decorator? Using a decorator allows us to go from code like this: This approach gives us the advantage of immediately seeing that…

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Neo, the autonomous cleaning robot, can help you disinfect floor surfaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Learn more.

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Webcast replay: Navigate turbulent times in your supply chain

Last week we hosted a webinar with our CEO Steve Pratt, our VP of Consumer Products Mike Hulbert, and Diginomica...

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