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Oct 25

When Logistics Runs on Blockchain

Blockchain technology will revolutionize logistics industry in the next five years. At its core, blockchain is a transparent system for storing data that is economically, cryptographically, and…

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Jun 12

Hindsight: Contextual Logging at Fraight

A few months ago, we decided to do something a little bit risky. We invested meaningful engineering resources into something far afield from our core product. We built a tool to analyze our…

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Jan 08

*ding* Notifications, Subscriptions, and Productivity!

Notifications are hard. Whether its Facebook, Gmail, or your own app, getting users the right information at the right time is crucial. Too chatty, you risk tune out; too quiet and your user might…

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Jan 06

React-Redux Decorators

Did you know that you can use the connect method in react-redux as a decorator? Using a decorator allows us to go from code like this: This approach gives us the advantage of immediately seeing that…

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Annual Ticketing Innovations Summit

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Joking Around at rideOS

In times of uncertainty and trepidation, sometimes what you need the most is a good laugh. In honor of April...

Avidbots - Mar 31 - Blog Post:
COVID-19 Surface Life and The Importance of Disinfecting

Neo, the autonomous cleaning robot, can help you disinfect floor surfaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Learn more.

Noodle AI - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
Webcast replay: Navigate turbulent times in your supply chain

Last week we hosted a webinar with our CEO Steve Pratt, our VP of Consumer Products Mike Hulbert, and Diginomica...

Nexar - Mar 29 - Blog Post:
The impact of coronavirus on rideshare driving activity in NYC

For the governments, scientists, and medical workers leading us through this global health crisis, real-time data has never been more...

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