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Mar 25

Announcing $5M in New Funding, with Our End-to-End Platform for Mobile ML Exiting Early Access

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Fritz AI has secured $5 million in additional Seed funding led by Foundry Group, with participation from NextGen Venture Partners and Inner Loop Capital. They…

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Apr 01

Transfer Learning using MXNet (Parts 5+6) — Training a Base Model & Extracting Embeddings

Part 1/7. Introduction Part 2/7. Sklearn Data Transformations Part 3/7. MXNet Dataset and Dataloaders Part 4/7. MXNet Custom Networks Part 5/7. Training Base Model Part 6/7. Extracting Embeddings…

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Apr 01

Understanding the Mathematics behind Decision Trees

In this post, we’re going to dive deep into one of the easiest and most interpretable supervised learning algorithm — decision trees. Decision tree algorithms can be used for both classification and…

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Apr 01

Building a Neural Network From Scratch Using Python (Part 1)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword you see pretty much everywhere around you, even when you’re not looking. It has completely dominated tech media, newsrooms, and is even credited with the…

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Case Studies
Case Study : Mdacne - Custom Acne Treatment

Help everyone get clear skin with the world's first fully customized acne treatment kit.

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Case Study : Plantvillage Nuru

Help African smallholder farmers grow more food.

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Tara AI - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
Introducing Trello task import, new sprint completion modal, and more!

In this latest release, Tara is making another step towards bringing informed development to teams: introducing new Trello task import,...

Codota - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
What autocomplete can do for your productivity

There are two ways to look at autocomplete — First, lazy coders use autocomplete. Second, you have to be crazy not to...

Mabl - Apr 01 - Blog Post:
Build QA into CI/CD with mabl and Atlassian Bitbucket Pipelines

mabl and Bitbucket Pipelines give you integrated QA in CI/CD that’s easy to implement and maintain, with tests that are...

Brain Corp - Mar 31 - Blog Post:
COVID-19: Best Practice Tips for Robotic Floor Care

This article was written by Brain Corp's Vice President of Sales, Chris Wright, a commercial floor care expert. Published on...

Accubits Technologies - Mar 31 - Blog Post:
Getting Started with Corda DLT

A brief introduction into one of the blockchain platforms - Corda. Corda is an open source blockchain project, designed for...

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