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Jul 31

Visual Search for Mobile Commerce in Action: Shnap

AI is changing the way we shop, and just in time. Among these changes, we’re seeing that the need for intuitive and intelligent mobile commerce solutions has never been more stark. In the U.S…

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Aug 03

Heartbeat Newsletter: Volume 7

Hard to believe it’s already August and that we’re this deep into the summer months. But with a new week and new month, we’ve got another volume of The Heartbeat Newsletter for you. This week, we’ve…

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Aug 03

Exploring SnapML: Working with Custom Neural Networks in Lens Studio

The promise of being able to drop your own custom neural networks into Lens Studio as Lenses, which can then be deployed to millions of devices, is potentially game-changing. But working with a tool…

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Aug 03

Building a Multi-platform App with SwiftUI

At WWDC 2020, Apple introduced a bunch of great new updates to SwiftUI to make it even easier for developers to write apps for Apple platforms. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use those new…

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Case Studies
Case Study : Mdacne - Custom Acne Treatment

Help everyone get clear skin with the world's first fully customized acne treatment kit.

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Case Study : Plantvillage Nuru

Help African smallholder farmers grow more food.

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Facebook AI - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
Announcing the winners of Facebook’s request for proposals on misinformation ...

Misinformation and polarization are fundamental challenges we face, not just as a company with the mission of bringing people together…

Accubits Technologies - Aug 07 - Blog Post:
How to update channel config to include anchor peer for an organization using...

In this article, we'll see how to update the channel config to include anchor peer for an organization using Hyperledger...

Appen - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
What is Data Labeling?

Data labeling is a critical part of creating high-quality training data for developing artificial intelligence and machine learning models. Here's...

Tara AI - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
Introducing commenting and chat.

In this big release, we’re excited to announce the task commenting feature, in-line images for the text editor, drag and...

Mabl - Aug 06 - Blog Post:
How mabl helped Ritual launch a new men’s multivitamin

mabl enabled Ritual's small QA team to do the work of one double its size to successfully launch their Essentials...

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