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Mar 21

Fynd Voices Episode 1: How Reliance Brands Executed Omni-Channel Retailing ?

Over the past 10–15 years, “Omni-channel” persists to stay the buzz word in retail internationally. However, in India it is only now that omni-channel is becoming mainstream from an execution…

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Mar 26

Workcation: A Mantra To Build A Happy-Team

Travel is on your mind? But, so is work? Then why not travel with your work? Or, how about a “Workcation,” a perfect mix of a fun business trip and inspirational adventure holiday. Workcation is a…

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Mar 14

How to Transition to Remote Work in the Face of Coronavirus Outbreak

Shifting to remote work can be disrupting for companies that do not have a remote working policy. In light of COVID-19, companies across the globe are turning to remote work to keep their people…

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Feb 28

Driven by Design: Taking Fynd’s Open Learning Culture to the World

The year 2019 ended on an exciting note for us. On December 21st, 2019, we organised our first design meet-up — Driven by Design (D/D) in our office in Mumbai. We received a massive response from…

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H2O - Mar 29 - Blog Post:
Deploying Models to Maximise the Impact of Machine Learning — Part 1

March 29, 2020 - Driverless AI, Machine Learning, ModelOps - Deploying Models to Maximise the Impact of Machine Learning —...

H2O - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
Igniting the AI in Healthcare Community

March 28, 2020 - AI4Good, Community, Data Science, Healthcare - Igniting the AI in Healthcare Community

Signifyd - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
Five steps for a successful virtual conference in the COVID-19 era

A virtual conference can fill the knowledge gap left by the cancellation of retail conferences in the face of COVID-19....

Signifyd - Mar 26 - Blog Post:
Signifyd’s COVID-19 Business Continuity Package provides free tools and disco...

Signifyd's COVID-19 Business Continity Package offers free tools and discounted services to help retailers maintain business during the pandemic.

Signifyd - Mar 25 - Blog Post:
First comes the coronavirus, then comes the fraud

Experts warn of coming fraud schemes in the time of coronavirus. Some steps consumers and retailers can take to remain...

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