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May 10

Fynd Voices Episode 2: How AND & Global Desi Implemented Omni-channel Retailing

House of Anita Dongre(HOAD) is one of the few organisations who have been able to surpass the traditional norms of retailing. They have incorporated some of the best technologies in their stores to…

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Mar 26

Workcation: A Mantra To Build A Happy-Team

Travel is on your mind? But, so is work? Then why not travel with your work? Or, how about a “Workcation,” a perfect mix of a fun business trip and inspirational adventure holiday. Workcation is a…

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Mar 14

How to Transition to Remote Work in the Face of Coronavirus Outbreak

Shifting to remote work can be disrupting for companies that do not have a remote working policy. In light of COVID-19, companies across the globe are turning to remote work to keep their people…

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Feb 28

Driven by Design: Taking Fynd’s Open Learning Culture to the World

The year 2019 ended on an exciting note for us. On December 21st, 2019, we organised our first design meet-up — Driven by Design (D/D) in our office in Mumbai. We received a massive response from…

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Avidbots - Mar 31 - Blog Post:
COVID-19 Surface Life and The Importance of Disinfecting

Neo, the autonomous cleaning robot, can help you disinfect floor surfaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Learn more.

Signifyd - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
How to build a long-term remote work culture in the COVID-19 era

With shelter-at-home policies being extended, now is the time to develop a distributed work culture for the long haul. We've...

H2O - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
Modelling Currently Infected Cases of COVID-19 Using H2O Driverless AI

March 30, 2020 - AI4Good, Driverless AI, Explainable AI, GLM, Healthcare, Machine Learning, Machine Learning Interpretability, Responsible AI, Technical, Time...

Alloy - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
A demand framework for COVID-19 from crisis response to the new normal

With the right data, consumer brands can determine whether their demand is rising, falling, or re-distributing due to COVID-19, without...

H2O - Mar 29 - Blog Post:
Deploying Models to Maximise the Impact of Machine Learning — Part 1

March 29, 2020 - Driverless AI, Machine Learning, ModelOps - Deploying Models to Maximise the Impact of Machine Learning —...

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