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Oct 11

One Data Platform to Rule Them All — Introducing Workbench by Fynd

Today we are releasing the public beta of Workbench — our home-grown tool to help every organization of any size in the world to make better and faster decisions using data. At Fynd, data plays a…

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Aug 31

Relying on this deck to get found (Reliance + Fynd): Discipline & Process Setting for founders

For Fynd, this is the beginning of the next chapter in our lives. What excites us is that, with this investment, not only do we continue with our independence, existing product roadmap, clients and…

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Aug 08

How Celio grew their store sales by 12% through Fynd’s Omnichannel solutions

A little over 2 years ago, we launched Fynd Store to help brands plug-in loss of sale at their stores. Fynd Store not only provides product information and availability of inventory at the store…

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Apr 25

Making Of Fynd’s Culture Video

In October 2018, during our monthly review meeting for the Open Learning Team where we discuss what skill development session is taken already and make plans for the upcoming months. During the…

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