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Jan 29

Los próximos desafíos de RRHH en el ámbito tecnológico y digital

Get with expertos en selección de personal IT. Es un hecho que a día de hoy las empresas deben desarrollar una estrategia de transformación digital para asegurar su supervivencia.

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Mar 14

10 technological inventions predicted by the Simpsons

Discover 10 technological inventions that were predicted by The Simpsons before its invention. From Smartwatches to Guitar hero!

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Mar 11

Top 10 jobs where I can work from home

For the majority of professionals, remote work will be soon the preferred lifestyle. Discover here the Top 10 jobs where you can work from home

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Mar 09

Women in tech: what percentage of the workforce is female in 2020?

It is still too early to give a reliable statistic about the percentage of women that are working in technology-related sectors. The year has just begun, but if we rely on data from last year and analyze the trends of the last decade, we can come to a conclusion. Not enough. Statistics do not lie: La entrada Women in tech: what percentage of the workforce is female in 2020? se publicó primero en GetWith, Amazing jobs for developers.

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