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Aug 14

Top-Down Chatbots Fail #4: They Lose Track

Complex, clever handcrafting can’t help a chatbot converse like a truly helpful part of your team. The issue is bigger than sounding wooden or seeming clueless — it’s big-picture. And you don’t want conversations to feel more fluid, you want them to be more fluid.

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Aug 28

Top-Down Chatbots Fail #5: They Don't Remember

Cross-channel, cross-conversation persistence is the chatbot triple axel only Giant Otter can pull off. Other bots attempt to stick the landing, but fail — and when a bot doesn’t remember the past, it doesn’t know what to do in the moment.

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Jul 03

Top-Down Chatbots Fail #3: They Seem Stiff

A bot built with Giant Otter’s tools are rich with paths and able to adapt. By learning from actual conversations, Giant Otter-powered bots cover closer to 80% of needed flows, letting customers interact in the ways that feel right to them.

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Jun 15

How Top-Down Chatbots Fail #2: They Fall Short

Chatbots can trip up from time to time, often due to top-down design that misses obvious intents and flows. With bottom-up authoring process, chatbot models can grow organically with each new transcript. Processing them takes the same effort each time, but the model can change dramatically.

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