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Gloat.com is an AI-based anonymous career development platform allowing users to both know their worth and get concrete offers in real time.

Apr 16

7 Takeaways From LinkedIn’s 2018 Best Companies To Work For

LinkedIn’s annual list of best companies to work for is always an interesting read. Every year they make this list based on their extensive data and the actions of LinkedIn’s more than 546 million…

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Jan 01

How To Make Your 2019 Career Goals Happen in 4 Steps

New Years is always a time of reflection. The closing of a calendar year and the beginning of a new one is a natural time for self-evaluation, motivation, and goal setting. I’m guessing those of you…

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Dec 03

Preparing for a Back-End Web Development Interview at Gloat

I’ve gradually realized, that many people who have the skills and background to make them good back-end web developers, don’t have the technical knowledge or field-specific understanding that would…

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Nov 15

Rendering static HTML pages with React, Webpack & prerender-loader

During the last month at Gloat.com, I had to develop a new landing page for a one of our new products. The product team wanted it to be SEO compatible, of course, and while we have vast experience in…

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Gloat - Workey

Our revolutionary AI learns who you are, determines your career potential, and suggests personalized opportunities to make it Workey.

Bunch - Apr 05 - Blog Post:
Crisis manual for startup founders leading through COVID-19

A how-to-guide for founders on startup leadership, crisis management, and operational resilience through the Corona Virus (COVID-19) crisis.

Cerkl - Mar 16 - Blog Post:
Communicating COVID-19 to Your Employees

Coronavirus gives employee communicators a sobering refresher on crisis management best practices. Read more about our coronavirus employee communications best...

Cognitive Talent Solutions - Mar 15 - Blog Post:
As workforces struggle to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, Organizational Netw...

With more and more companies across the globe instigating work from home as a measure to prevent the spread of...

Bunch - Mar 13 - Blog Post:
Going remote, overnight: A practical guide to help your team work from home

About this guide With the spread of COVID-19 reaching the level of a global pandemic this week, many teams (including...

Cerkl - Mar 08 - Blog Post:
New Admin Permissions Give Communicators More Control

We’re giving you more control over the permissions you grant to Team Members in Cerkl. Welcome to our new Team...

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