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Gloat.com is an AI-based anonymous career development platform allowing users to both know their worth and get concrete offers in real time.

May 29

Startup Scaling: What It’s Like For Your Employees

When I began working at Gloat (then called Workey), we were 12 people sharing one toilet. Weirdly enough I think that best demonstrates the point that we were small and tight-knit. We all sat…

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Jan 01

How To Make Your 2019 Career Goals Happen in 4 Steps

New Years is always a time of reflection. The closing of a calendar year and the beginning of a new one is a natural time for self-evaluation, motivation, and goal setting. I’m guessing those of you…

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Dec 03

Preparing for a Back-End Web Development Interview at Gloat

I’ve gradually realized, that many people who have the skills and background to make them good back-end web developers, don’t have the technical knowledge or field-specific understanding that would…

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Nov 15

Rendering static HTML pages with React, Webpack & prerender-loader

During the last month at Gloat.com, I had to develop a new landing page for a one of our new products. The product team wanted it to be SEO compatible, of course, and while we have vast experience in…

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Gloat - Workey

Our revolutionary AI learns who you are, determines your career potential, and suggests personalized opportunities to make it Workey.

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