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Oct 10

Social Commerce- the new wave of marketing, also the death of E-Commerce?

Today, you do not need to visit a website and browse through its entire product catalogue to decide what to purchase. Brands today are creating shops on social media channels to entice you with their…

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Mar 22

Why Online Communities Matter for E-Commerce Brands

While barrier to entry has been significantly lowered when it comes to setting up an E-Commerce website, you must know that there are more than 110,000 E-commerce websites as of today that generate…

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Mar 04

How Artificial Intelligence Help Build Smart Cities

What are these “smart” cities, exactly? There’s, frankly, no universally accepted definition of the same. It really depends on how developed a nation is. But, in essence, the main pillars are: People…

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Nov 26

“They did surgery on a grape”- What makes things go viral

Not long ago, my Instagram feed was flooded with memes on “They did surgery on a grape”. Opening the comment section on any post was never bereft of comments around some random surgery on some random…

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