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Oct 10

Grakn KGMS is now on AWS

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of Grakn KGMS on Google Cloud. As we also often talk to customers wanting to run Grakn KGMS clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS), I’m pleased to say that…

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Jul 18

Setting up a knowledge base to encode domain knowledge for Rasa

This post is the follow-up of “Integrating Rasa with graph databases”. In this tutorial, you will learn in detail about knowledge bases and how you can set one up. You will also learn how you can…

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Jul 09

Unsolved Machine Learning Problems That You Can Solve

We present a set of use cases we have encountered for KGs, what they involve, what kind of solutions they require, and what we have investigated so far.

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Jun 07

Drug Discovery Knowledge Graphs

Combinatorial chemistry has produced a huge amount of chemical libraries and data banks which include prospective drugs. Despite all of this progress, the fundamental problem still remains; how do we…

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