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Predictive go-to-market intelligence

GrowthIntel is a VC-funded marketing technology company based in London. WeÕre the only UK company using machine learning and web-crawled data to build a B2B marketing recommendation system. WeÕre a friendly bunch with a broad range of experience - we put emphasis on sharing knowledge and supporting each other in personal growth. Our platform uses NLP, data science and machine learning to build a personalised recommendation engine that delivers the most sophisticated available overview of a client's addressable market: thousands of prioritised, graded prospects. We were recently chosen to join Upscale, Tech City UKÕs six-month programme to support the next generation of UK scale-up digital businesses, and worked as the core data partner in support of Tech Nation 2016.

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  • http://growthintel.com
  • Headquarters London
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  • Specialties Data Science, Business Intelligence , Sales & Marketing
Products and Case Studies
Growthintel - Find Your Market Scientifically

Reveal in-market companies that are not on your radar and know which of your prospects are most likely to buy.

Case Study : Groupon - Increasing Sales And Productivity

Using Machine Learning to generate 35% more profit from existing customer data

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Case Study : Vitality - 24% Reduction In Acquisition Cost

Vitality needed to find a fresh source of companies they had not previously targeted.

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Case Study : Teletrac Navman - 2.2x Increase In Acv

Outgrowing propensity modeling with a drive to innovate

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