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Moving the World from automation to autonomy

Mar 15

Why investing in a Startup that developed the World’s most powerful CO2 conversion device

What if the emissions of the world’s largest industries never reached the air? What if those emissions were instead transformed into valuable assets for the global economy? Based in Berkeley…

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Mar 15

Astro Digital raises a Series A round to develop its Earth imaging satellite system

Astro Digital, a remote sensing company developing both its own satellite constellation and an analytics platform for that imagery, has raised $16.7 million in a Series A round on March 2…

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Mar 15

Breakthrough autonomous robotic technology from Russia is coming to Silicon Valley

RoboCV’s mission is to create autonomous mobile robotic systems for a wide variety of high frequency repeatable tasks of intra-warehouse and distribution centers logistics. In just three years since…

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H2O - Mar 29 - Blog Post:
Deploying Models to Maximise the Impact of Machine Learning — Part 1

March 29, 2020 - Driverless AI, Machine Learning, ModelOps - Deploying Models to Maximise the Impact of Machine Learning —...

Socure - Mar 28 - Blog Post:
Tech as Risk; Tech as the Solution

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be leveraged in new crimes. On the other hand, innovation can be harnessed...

H2O - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
Igniting the AI in Healthcare Community

March 28, 2020 - AI4Good, Community, Data Science, Healthcare - Igniting the AI in Healthcare Community

Socure - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
Fighting Fraud in Turbulent Times … Starting with Identity

In the last recession, FinCEN reported a 28% rise in identity theft from 2007 to 2008, and a 41% increase...

Agentrisk - Superhuman Wealth Management - Mar 27 - Blog Post:
Making the best out of a bad situation: How tax-loss harvesting can help your...

When the markets are volatile and your portfolio value has seen better days, there is one investment strategy that can...

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