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Mar 15

Why SoundHound, our Portfolio company was named One of 2017’s Most Innovative Companies

Recently, Fast Company released their annual list of The Most Innovative Companies of 2017 by Sector. We are happy to announce that our portfolio company, SoundHound placed fourth in the AI/Machine…

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Mar 15

Astro Digital raises a Series A round to develop its Earth imaging satellite system

Astro Digital, a remote sensing company developing both its own satellite constellation and an analytics platform for that imagery, has raised $16.7 million in a Series A round on March 2…

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Mar 15

Breakthrough autonomous robotic technology from Russia is coming to Silicon Valley

RoboCV’s mission is to create autonomous mobile robotic systems for a wide variety of high frequency repeatable tasks of intra-warehouse and distribution centers logistics. In just three years since…

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Accubits Technologies - Mar 31 - Blog Post:
Getting Started with Corda DLT

A brief introduction into one of the blockchain platforms - Corda. Corda is an open source blockchain project, designed for...

MindBridge Analytics - Mar 31 - Blog Post:
Why the ICAEW Technology Accreditation Scheme matters to you

Why accounting firms care about the ICAEW Technology Accreditation Scheme and details on how MindBridge Ai Auditor became the first...

H2O - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
Modelling Currently Infected Cases of COVID-19 Using H2O Driverless AI

March 30, 2020 - AI4Good, Driverless AI, Explainable AI, GLM, Healthcare, Machine Learning, Machine Learning Interpretability, Responsible AI, Technical, Time...

Numerai - Mar 30 - Blog Post:
Erasure Bay Launch — $1M Staked — Community AMA

There is now $1M staked on Erasure. Follow @ErasureBay on Twitter to see new requests. Post your questions for the...

H2O - Mar 29 - Blog Post:
Deploying Models to Maximise the Impact of Machine Learning — Part 1

March 29, 2020 - Driverless AI, Machine Learning, ModelOps - Deploying Models to Maximise the Impact of Machine Learning —...

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