How We Help

Staying up to date on AI

Staying up to date on the AI industry is easy with Welcome.AI

1. Once you sign up, you'll be asked to follow 1 - 3 Categories, these are industry, services and technology categories.

2. You will then get our newsletter, that newsletter contains the latest Posts from the companies within the categories you're following.

3. Start following the companies you like the content of and your newsletter will start to be more tailored to just the companies you're following.

Promote your Profile and Projects

Are you working on AI projects already? Fill out your profile of your experience and skills and most importantly the projects you're working on. Your project page is free for you to share with the world what you're working on and keep people up to date with project updates. Promote your project page and get people to follow it and they will be kept up to date whenever you place up project updates.

Helping AI companies get discovered

Our mission is to help companies discover, learn and adopt AI technologies and talent. Every AI company can list their Company on Welcome.AI for free and create product and case study pages. We ingest your twitter and blog feeds to share with users following the categories you're in. Learn more about Company Pages

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