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Nov 06

Find your Bot’s first 100 users & feedbacks

So, you have an MVP and you’ve run out of friends to give you feedback. (If you’ve not already asked every man, woman and their dogs that you know, do it now!) This guide won’t necessarily help you…

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Mar 28

Customer Success is Company Success

The primary goal of any Customer Success team is to ensure your customers achieve their goals. Of course as a Customer Success Manager you’ll be judged on other other metrics, perhaps churn, number…

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Dec 08

Hu:toma x Drift Integration

Hu:toma wants to make itself available wherever our clients are chatting with their users, leads, investors, friends, long lost lovers….. mainly users & leads. For most companies the majority of…

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Dec 01

Bot Review: 1800Flowers

Last week we did a review for Lego company’s chatbot Ralph. In a nutshell, it was an impressive shopping bot: both interactive and efficient. We decided to look deeper into shopping bots and how they…

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An interview with Microsoft President Brad Smith

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Selecting The Right Workstation for Ansys Workloads

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How to Send Alli's Custom Message to a Slack Channel

Using Get External Data node, you can send any messages from Alli to a Slack channel at any point in...

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