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Dec 08

Hu:toma x Drift Integration

Hu:toma wants to make itself available wherever our clients are chatting with their users, leads, investors, friends, long lost lovers….. mainly users & leads. For most companies the majority of…

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Mar 28

Customer Success is Company Success

The primary goal of any Customer Success team is to ensure your customers achieve their goals. Of course as a Customer Success Manager you’ll be judged on other other metrics, perhaps churn, number…

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Dec 01

Bot Review: 1800Flowers

Last week we did a review for Lego company’s chatbot Ralph. In a nutshell, it was an impressive shopping bot: both interactive and efficient. We decided to look deeper into shopping bots and how they…

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Nov 24

Bot review: LEGO’s Ralph

The day when small and big business companies handout bargains on their products and services, sales clerks battle for the lives and people all over go crazy — literally! A lot of retail businesses…

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