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AI-powered Autonomous Analytics Platform for Consumer Commerce

Introducing the world’s first AI-powered autonomous, predictive and prescriptive analytics designed for Consumer Commerce. Hypersonix empowers decision-makers in real-time to analyze disparate data sources and derive actionable insights - easily and quickly - without a dependency on IT or analysts.

Hypersonix is an AI-powered Autonomous BI company that democratizes Decisioning by empowering every decision maker to get real-time intelligence, insights and recommendations to take timely actions leading to business success.

Its predictive and prescriptive analytics can measure and monitor business results, clarify why results are occurring, and recommend actions to drive improvements. Leveraging innovations in ML, NLP, Real-Time data computing, Hypersonix offers a simple, fast "Google-like" experience supported by "Jarvix" a virtual assistant. Designed for Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, and eCommerce, the company helps clients drive profitable growth, save money and improve customer engagement.

Company Details
  • https://hypersonix.ai/
  • Headquarters San Jose, California
  • Year Founded 2018
  • Current Funding $15.1M
  • Company Size 11-50 employees
  • Specialties Retail, Food, Business Intelligence , Hospitality

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