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Mar 25


On Nov 12, 2019, IBM deployed the IBM Public Cloud and Watson AI Offerings to the Seoul, Korea Data Center (Endpoint: cloud.ibm.com). Over time, this will replace the existing Watson AI Environment…

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Apr 01

Managing Your Virtual Agent’s Lifecycle

Protecting a virtual agent’s development, testing, and production environments are critical in any organization. With the recent introduction of fine-grained access control and dialog skill…

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Mar 27

Tracking Loss of Containment in Virtual Agents

If your enterprise has a virtual agent (chatbot) or is thinking about building one, you will want to understand how the solution can deliver business value. “Containment” is one of the top metrics a…

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Mar 25

Ramping up fast on IBM Voice Agent with Watson

We’ve all had those frustrating situations in trying to get an answer on the phone. Whether it’s long hold times, complicated number trees, or the inability to reach the people you need this is not…

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Case Studies
Case Study : Bradesco Bank

How a Brazilian bank pays personal attention to each of their 65 million customers

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