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AI for Recruiting

Jun 19

4 Techniques to Decrease Age Discrimination During Recruiting

With recent accusations against Intel and IBM and a new lawsuit alleging companies used Facebook ads to screen out older job seekers, age discrimination…

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Mar 11

Becoming A Better Recruiter: Follow These Steps

Are you looking to become a better recruiter or talent acquisition professional? Check out this blog post to learn about how!

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Feb 25

Could We Eliminate The Job Hopping Stigma?

Do you think it's possible to eliminate the job hopping stigma? Check out our blog to learn more!

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Feb 13

Talent Tech NEXT – Toronto

Optimize Your Hiring Using AI The post Talent Tech NEXT – Toronto appeared first on Ideal.

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Ideal - Ideal

Ideal uses AI to automate tedious, time-consuming tasks including candidate sourcing and manual resume screening. Free up your team's time and increase recruiter efficiency 3.7x.

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