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Health AI for assessing bone disease

Apr 24

ImageBiopsy Lab’s presentation at Deep Learning Meetup

The Deep Learning Meetup is an event regularly held in Vienna. It is open to both developers working with Deep Learning and those simply interested in it. Our CTO Christoph Götz gave a talk on how ImageBiopsy Lab’s AI solutions are enhancing the medical expert and how AI can be delivered to the customer.

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Mar 13

AI-software LAMA (Leg Angle Measurement Assistant) to be released March 2020

ImageBiopsy has developed the world's first fully automated full leg annotation software powered by AI

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Jan 24

ImageBiopsy Lab and Leiden University Medical Center partnership to create value based AI-diagnostics

Leiden - Vienna Wednesday 15, January 2020 - We are excited to announce our co-development partnership with Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) with the mai

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Dec 12

The Future of Osteoarthritis management — personalized medicine

Buzzwords such as precision medicine and personalized therapies, associated with cancer treatments or advanced stem cell experimental trials, are often use

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