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Jun 19

The effects and importance of persistence and permanence in a virtual world

Consistency is something many of us seek out and crave. We may take those adventurous trips and seek out new and thrill-inducing activities, but deep down — a lot of us want something that sticks…

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Jun 21

E3 2018: VU Ambassadors RoundUp Blog

From June 12th — 13th, The Los Angeles Convention Center held 2018’s E3 event. The event itself is the largest gaming convention to date — showcasing the biggest and brightest talent in the industry…

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Jun 21

Size matters — playing with scale and perspective in Virtual Reality platforms

Size and scale matters. With leaps being made in the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality and spatial computing, we are presented with an entirely new medium for content creators and…

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Jun 21

Arcades and live events will propel VR adoption and growth

Publicly available VR experiences such as those available at Disney and at various arcade establishments have been a driving factor in the widespread adoption of VR over the recent years. These have…

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