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The Leading Virtual Engagement Platform for AR and VR

Jun 04

Training Artificial Intelligence in VR

Virtual reality is widely becoming a tool of great interest for technology giants, who are making use of using this advancing technology to train AI and robots for real-world applications. OpenAI…

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Jun 21

E3 2018: VU Ambassadors RoundUp Blog

From June 12th — 13th, The Los Angeles Convention Center held 2018’s E3 event. The event itself is the largest gaming convention to date — showcasing the biggest and brightest talent in the industry…

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Jun 21

Size matters — playing with scale and perspective in Virtual Reality platforms

Size and scale matters. With leaps being made in the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality and spatial computing, we are presented with an entirely new medium for content creators and…

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Jun 21

Arcades and live events will propel VR adoption and growth

Publicly available VR experiences such as those available at Disney and at various arcade establishments have been a driving factor in the widespread adoption of VR over the recent years. These have…

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Signifyd - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
Retailers rally to comfort and contribute amid COVID-19

During the frightening times spurred by COVID-19, retailers are rallying to support front-line workers and victims. Some bright spots in...

Electric - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
Zoom Security Update

Electric CISO Alex Foley shares details on what you need to know about the zoom security issues highlighted in the...

Verbit - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
Verbit Provides Technology for Conference Centered on COVID-19 Treatments

Verbit provides captioning for virtual conference with 200 scientists to develop possible vaccines and treatments for the new coronavirus.

Monkeylearn - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
The Best Keyword Extractor Tool for Business Automation

A keyword extractor is a mighty text analysis tool that automatically extracts important information from your text. Try our ready-to-use...

NVIDIA AI - Apr 03 - Blog Post:
Speed of Light: SLAC’s Ryan Coffee Talks Ultrafast Science

Ryan Coffee, senior research scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford, blows things up for a living. Well, almost....

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