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InData Labs is a 50+ people strong data science firm and AI-powered solutions provider with its own R&D center that helps companies across the world to find perfect solutions to their big data challenges. Since 2014, our solutions and consulting services enable our clients to get valuable insights into data, automate repetitive tasks, enhance performance, add AI-driven features, and prevent cost overruns. Our expertise is proven by 40+ successfully implemented projects all over the world and satisfied clients in the United States, UK and EU. We guarantee the high quality of our work as we use proprietary technologies, stick to exceptional customer care, and continually invest in talent development and own R&D center.

Sep 24

How AI is Improving Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Read the article to discover what predictive analytics is, how AI is improving this technology in the healthcare sector, and what benefits it can give.

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Oct 06

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Learn what facial recognition is, how this technology works, and how accurate and safe it is. Also, find an overview of face recognition use cases.

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Oct 01

A Guide to Developing a Mobile App for Business

Mobile apps are a must-have for entrepreneurs today. Discover 4 things to consider before developing the application and how you can develop an app to take your business to the next level.

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Sep 17

Data Insight Solutions: Turning Data Into Business Insights

Discover how to turn data into business insights, the advantages of big data, and where the information for business analytics comes from.

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Case Studies
Case Study : Flo Smart Period Tracker | Menstrual Cycle Predictions

Learn how InData Labs team helped a popular digital health startup for women with neural network implementation and improved irregular cycle predictions.

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Case Study : Making A Project Management System Smarter

Find out the way InData Labs employed machine learning and significantly improved the performance of a project management system for enterprises.

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Case Study : Customer Feedback Analysis Software For A Leading Game Developer

Learn how InData Labs worked with one of the leaders in gaming industry on a fully-customized customer feedback analysis software that helped to reduce the...

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Building PWA messenger apps like Whatsapp and Telegram

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Progressive delivery at cloud scale: Optimizing CPU intensive code with Dynat...

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Test Automation Using mabl at Sansan in Japan

Hear from mabl Blog guest author Naoya Kinoshita of Sansan on why they chose mabl for their testing strategy and...

Appen - Oct 21 - Blog Post:
How Off the Shelf Training Datasets Can Save Your ML Teams Time and Money

Off the shelf training datasets offer a cost and time-effective alternative to companies developing AI. Companies should consider pre-built datasets...

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