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Intel-Powered Artificial Intelligence is Helping Turn Information into Insight.

Intel AI, leveraging Intel’s world leading position in silicon innovation and proven history in creating the compute standards that power our world, is transforming Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Harnessing silicon designed specifically for AI, end-to-end solutions that broadly span from the data center to the edge, and tools that enable customers to quickly deploy and scale up, Intel AI is leading the next evolution of compute.

Company Details
  • https://www.intel.ai
  • Year Founded 1968
  • Company Size 10,001+ employees
  • Specialties Hardware & IoT, Big data, Computer vision, Natural language processing, Emotion, 3d, Anomaly detection, Autonomous driving, Data management, Image classification
Products and Case Studies
Intel Neural Compute Stick 2

Learn AI programming at the edge with this tiny, fanless deep learning device.

Case Study : The Future Of Ai In Law Enforcement - Intel

AI can shorten the time it takes to get a lead about a missing or exploited child to the right...

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Case Study : Ge Healthcare

GE Healthcare Accelerates Pneumothorax Detection at Point of Care with Intel® AI Technologies

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Case Study : Ziva Dynamics - Vfx

Ziva and Intel AI are helping deliver more lifelike characters to screens of all shapes and sizes faster and more...

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