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Invoca brings call intelligence to the marketing cloud to help marketers drive inbound calls and turn them into sales.

Sep 18

11 Killer PPC Tactics Every Marketer Needs to Know

Paid search is an efficient and cost-effective way to drive more high-intent customers to your business. If you can get a potential customer to call, they

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Sep 19

Marketers Can’t Afford to Miss Invoca Summit, Here’s Why

It’s almost October, which means three things: 1) You won’t be able to escape pumpkin spice. 2) it’s time to finalize your team’s Halloween costume theme.

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Sep 18

How to Track Online and Offline Conversions in Google Ads

Are your Google Ads campaigns getting lots of clicks? Here's how to set up conversion tracking to see if all those clicks are turning into sales.

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Sep 10

Employee Spotlight: Victor Borda, Director, Data Science

We sat down with Victor Borda, Director, Data Science at Invoca to see what makes his team unique and why he's passionate about his work.

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