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Data Science for a safer Financial World

Oct 10

Handling Imbalanced Data in Classification Problems

If you have been working on classification problems for some time, there is a very high chance that you already encountered data with imbalanced classes. Imbalanced data is not always a bad thing…

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Nov 15

Why you need to care about Explainable Machine Learning

In our previous blog posts, we presented the idea of Machine Learning (ML) Explainability and why it’s clear that society cares about explainable artificial intelligence. We saw that ML…

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Oct 26

How we hire Data Scientists — a 5 step process

Most companies struggle to hire good data scientists. At James we have developed a 5 step process for hiring, which has served us pretty well over the years, and is responsible for bringing together…

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Sep 20

Fair Lending and Machine Learning

This image from 1939 shows us the practice of “Redlining” in Detroit. The term stems from the policies developed by the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC), in which neighborhoods would be ranked…

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The Artificial Intelligence for Credit Risk. James is a one-stop shop for Credit Risk Management, that allows you to easily create, validate, deploy, and monitor regulation-ready, high-performing predictive models.

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