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Jatana automates customer service with deep learning

Jul 31

How to Say No to a Customer

Saying no to a customer is not easy and saying no to a prospect is even harder, but there are cases when saying no it's the right thing to say. To avoid saying no, make sure to set clear expectations from the start; think about creative alternatives to saying no and if you really have to, just say no in the nicest way possible.

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Dec 07

Jatana goes to Station F!

Station F is the biggest startup campus in the world, backed by Xavier Niel in Paris. Jatana, a Customer Experience Automation Platform, is joining the Zendesk Startup Program, accelerating its goal of bringing Artificial Intelligence at the fingertips of every support team in the world.

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Nov 20

What we learnt at Zendesk Relate 2018

What we learnt at Zendesk Relate 2018 in San Francisco

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Sep 27

Introducing IPA, Intelligent Process Automation

Introducing Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). In a nutshell, Jatana's IPA connects to all your systems (CRM, Shopify, custom systems) to automate all those tedious lookups that you are currently doing manually, based on actual conversations with your customers and AI-driven instructions.

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