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Apr 28

How IoT Maximises Business Efficiency in Retail

Operational efficiency, customer experience, and ROI are major reasons why retailers are deploying IoT in their offline stores. Is your store IoT ready?

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Jan 14

Artificial Intelligence & The Disruption of Traditional Retailing

Artificial Intelligence, mimicking the so-called cognitive functions of human brain, has taken deeper roots in retail marketing.

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Nov 07

Customer Experience 2.0: The Cornerstone of Your Digital Transformation Journey

To sustain and build on Customer Experience (CX) and loyalty, a business needs integrated and synchronized customer support.

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Jul 27

The Sensors That Stop At Nothing

In Business, we all want data for validation and as proof. Did you know just sensors could get you to […] The post The Sensors That Stop At Nothing appeared first on Technology Solutions | AI backed Knowledge Management, IoT, Device Care.

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Simularity - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
AI Discovers Changes – Gets International News Coverage

Our recent report outlining how our AI discovered new construction on Mischief Reef has gotten notice from the Press. In...

Simularity - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
BBC China: Satellite images “show new changes in Mischief Reef” China is accu...

Published Feb 25, 2021 Link: https://www.bbc.com/zhongwen/simp/chinese-news-56198339

SAS - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
Celebrate International Women's Day with SAS

The post Celebrate International Women's Day with SAS appeared first on SAS Blogs.

Inzata - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
Data Science vs. Business Intelligence: Data-Driven Decisions & Key Differenc...

In today’s business world, it seems like all decisions and strategies ultimately point back to one thing: data....

SAS - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
Government: Intelligent decisions in turbulent times

The UK government sector is standing on the verge of the unknown. The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the...

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