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KontikiLabs is carving out new frontiers in the field of AI / AR and Blockchain.

Oct 10

PyCon India 2018: Exploring possibilities

The ‘PyCon India 2018’ conference was a truly enriching experience for the participants as we got a chance to meet and interact with some of the top players associated with the Python community, and…

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Apr 17

Demo on Building a Chatbot with Alter NLU

In this post, I will be covering how you can build a simple dataset for your e-commerce chatbot and will point out those smartly handled pain points by our engineers which will make your dataset…

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Feb 22

How different and effective it is to train your chatbot using ALTER NLU

Alter NLU is designed to handle multiple chatbot datasets within a single user login. That means, one can conveniently add training data for multiple chatbots. The main focus of Alter NLU is to get…

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Jun 26

Lou & Chi (#19): Rule of Reciprocity

At Kontiki Labs, we are enabling enterprises and businesses of all sizes to use AI powered technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning by building affordable, people focused…

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