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Apr 03

Risk/Impact matrix for automation

In a support team, one of the critical aspects of automation efforts is defining what you automate and how. In Lang.ai, we are working with companies using Zendesk to help them figure that out, and…

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Apr 09

Is your support team ready for automation?

Everything changed in Q1 of 2020. Our lives, our work won’t be the same at least in the short term. And this will impact every single department of an organization. What is happening in support…

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Mar 12

8 puntos clave para afrontar el COVID-19 en Startups

Las empresas nos enfrentamos a muchas dudas sobre cómo abordar una situación nueva y utilizar las herramientas que tenemos para trabajar con la mayor normalidad posible. En empresas de pequeño…

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Nov 06

7 Testing Techniques for Your Golang Codebase

These are general ideas that apply to software regardless of what language is used in the code base. However, each language has its own specific character and this is somehow reflected on the way…

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Kubeflow - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
Kubeflow & Kale simplify building better ML Pipelines with automatic hyperpar...

TL;DR: Convert Notebook to Kubeflow Pipelines, run them as hyperparameter tuning experiments, track executions and artifacts with MLMD, cache and...

MarketMuse - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
Website Migrations: What to Do and What to Avoid

Discover everything you wanted to know about website migration from someone who has been involved in hundreds of these situations.

A Us Based Big Data Intelligence Company - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
Ethical and Trusted AI in Financial Services: CogX 2020 Panel Recap

Highlights from our CogX 2020 panel featuring our Manoj Saxena and two industry leaders at HSBC. How do we get...

Algorithmia - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
What are parametric models?

Deploying AI at Scale

Rasa - Jul 10 - Blog Post:
10 Best Practices for Designing NLU Training Data

Whether you're starting from scratch or working with an existing data set, here's how to make sure your NLU training...

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