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Our intelligent workplace software empowers you to create modern intranet experiences tailored to your unique needs and enhanced by AI.

Jun 22

LiveTiles Bots wins ‘Best Application of AI in the Enterprise’ Award

LiveTiles’ artificial intelligence solution, LiveTiles Bots, has been awarded the ‘Best Application of AI in the Enterprise’ at the third... View Article The post LiveTiles Bots wins ‘Best Application of AI in the Enterprise’ Award appeared first on LiveTiles.

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Mar 04

5 ways to deliver a mobile-first digital workplace

Here's how an employee app can drive value by delivering a fantastic and functional mobile-first digital workplace for your organization.

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Feb 25

5 ways to revolutionize frontline engagement

Does your workforce includes frontline, deskless or mobile employees? Find out how you can revolutionize frontline engagement.

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Feb 22

5 ways an employee app supports the hybrid workplace

We are entering the era of the “hybrid workplace”, with a combination working remotely, or physically at the office becoming the new norm.

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Products and Case Studies
LiveTiles - Livetiles - Livetiles Bots

LiveTiles Bots Bridge the gap between human and artificial intelligence. LiveTiles Bots LiveTiles Bots is an intuitive web-based tool.

LiveTiles - Livetiles - Intelligent Workplace

LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace brings together all the elements for a complete enterprise solution – artificial intelligence, analytics, mobile experiences, portal design and enhanced support.

LiveTiles - Livetiles - Livetiles Design

LiveTiles Design Suite Beautifully simple software for your intelligent workplace LiveTiles Design Suite LiveTiles Design is an all-in-one solution.

Case Study : Belle Property Group: Building An Intelligent Workplace

Looking for a way to make communication more than email and support its growing network of offices around Australia, Belle Property used LiveTiles to build...

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Case Study : Nbh Bank – Livetiles Design

With LiveTiles, NBH Bank surfaced applications, resources and news to build a custom branded corporate intranet in just a few weeks.

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Case Study : Pepsico: A Livetiles Customer Story

With LiveTiles, PepsiCo’s teams across the world access their resources, company news and business applications on a single screen.

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MOOGsoft - Mar 03 - Blog Post:
A Day in the Life: Intelligent Observability at Work with an ITOps Hero

In this post, meet our clever ITOps engineer, James, as he reduces noise and distraction using intelligent observability.

AWS - Machine Learning - Mar 03 - Blog Post:
Utilizing XGBoost training reports to improve your models

In 2019, AWS unveiled Amazon SageMaker Debugger, a SageMaker capability that enables you to automatically detect a variety of issues...

Lumen5 - Mar 03 - Blog Post:
Video Marketing Statistics 2021: What You Need to Know [Original Research]

Video isn't going anywhere in 2021. We've got all the video marketing statistics you need to know.

SAS - Mar 03 - Blog Post:
SAS Conversation Designer: interacting with APIs

SAS Conversation Designer is included in many offerings of the modernized SAS Viya platform, meaning you can easily create bots...

2021.AI - Mar 03 - Blog Post:
2021.AI’s Grace AI platform will deliver real-time insights and recommendatio...

The 2021.AI's Grace Enterprise AI platform will deliver real-time insights and recommendations in the fight against COVID-19.

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