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Founded in Cambridge, United Kingdom by a group of mathematicians and software engineers, Luminance's computational and mathematical knowledge is world leading. The technology is based on the work of Cambridge University PhDs, while the team contains experts in Bayesian probabilistic mathematics, meaning based computing and legacy system connections.

The Luminance team has developed many of the most intelligent, compliant, and secure big data systems for organisations ranging from NATO to the NHS. They have unique expertise in applying new maths to solve complex real-world challenges where there are very large, heterogeneous, constantly evolving data sets. In addition to managing numerous mergers, acquisitions and financings, Luminance's employees have developed some of the largest and most mission-critical software systems for multinational and governmental organisations.

Luminance helps lawyers to categorise, review and analyse thousands of documents at speeds no human can match. With AI taking the burden of low-level cognitive tasks – like those common in due diligence, compliance, insurance or in-house contract management – lawyers can optimise their practice, working smarter, faster and more effectively.

Company Details
  • https://www.luminance.com/
  • Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom
  • Year Founded 2003
  • Current Funding $13M
  • Company Size 11-50 employees
  • Specialties Legal, Software, Computer, Retail technology, Computer software, Retail
How Luminance uses AI in their company

Luminance harnesses the latest advances in artificial intelligence, developed in-house by our team of Cambridge University Ph.Ds.
Luminance pairs three key new-era technologies with human training and experience to transform legal document understanding:
- Pattern recognition algorithms
- Advanced statistical probability analysis
- Supervised and unsupervised machine learning

Products and Case Studies
Luminance - Smart Legal Platform

The AI Platform for the Legal Profession.

Case Study : Cas | Managed Legal Services

75% time savings. M&A due diligence review

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Case Study : Uk Retail Bank | Gdpr Compliance Review

85% less time spent on GDPR contract compliance review

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Case Study : Rajah & Tann Asia | M&A Due Diligence

Significant time savings versus a historic manual review

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