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Illuminating the unknown in your data

Luminoso Technologies is a leading artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding (NLU) company that enables companies to rapidly discover value in their unstructured data. Luminoso’s award-winning software applies AI to accurately analyze text-based data for any industry without lengthy setup time or training. Luminoso can analyze unstructured data natively in 14 languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic. Companies use the insights that Luminoso’s solutions uncover to streamline their contact center processes, monitor brand perception, and optimize the customer experience. The company is privately held and headquartered in Boston, MA.

Company Details
  • http://www.luminoso.com
  • Headquarters Boston, San Francisco
  • Company Size
  • Specialties Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Text analytics
Products and Case Studies
Luminoso - Luminoso Analytics

Luminoso Analytics makes it easy to quickly analyze large amounts of text-based data, from chatbot transcripts to product reviews.

Luminoso - Luminoso Compass

Luminoso Compass categorizes and tags streaming, text-based data like customer support tickets in real-time.

Case Study : Helping Mobile Gamers Troubleshoot More Quickly

Here's how Luminoso helped a mobile game development company streamline and automate their multilingual contact center.

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Case Study : Global Consumer Electronics Company

A leading global consumer electronics company was about to launch their first product in the wearable technology space. Given the...

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Case Study : Streamlining Contact Center Processes

A large office supplies retailer approached Luminoso to identify the most prevalent customer concerns and ways to streamline call center...

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