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Technology for Brands to be More Human - to be More Alive

At Marketing Evolution, we believe the world would be a better place if marketers had the tools to be more connected with their customers and prospects.

It may seem like a paradox, but technology provides marketers with the means to be more human – for brands to be more alive.

Being truly connected these days requires data, software and a critical ingredient – a brain. The ROI Brain® is the means by which we recognize consumers and what's important to them. The ROI Brain® is the means by which we remember a customer’s birthday, their favorite color and the best time to remind them to purchase from us again. The ROI Brain® is the means by which we make decisions about who to talk with, with which offers, in which media and at which price. It is the means by which marketers optimize investments.

Most marketers understand this paradox of technology bringing more relevance and humanity to marketing. Marketing Evolution exists to provide the analytic technology to help marketers succeed.

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Case Study : Millercoors & Marketing Evolution

Learn how MillerCoors worked with Marketing Evolution to determine optimal creative rotation and budget allocation, raise brand awareness and increase...

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Case Study : Regions Bank & Marketing Evolution

Learn how Regions Bank, backed by Marketing Evolution’s analytics platform, used unified marketing measurement to drive increased ROI and revenue.

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