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Oct 09

India’s real fake-news problem is visual. A startup is betting on AI to solve it

Beyond just words, phony videos and doctored photos are racing through the ecosystem, spreading division and sometimes even triggering lynchings. And while many companies, including giants like…

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Dec 23

Fake News- Sin Of Communication

The need for journalism to restore trust and develop a reliable new business model is at its highest, but what does this mean for journalists? Actually journalists have never been clear about what..

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Sep 16

In This Era Of Fake News Find Out What To Share And What Not To

Are you drowning in a sea of misinformation? Has fake news ever fooled you? Do you want to know how to save yourself from drowning in this sea of misinformation? If your answer is yes, then the…

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Jul 26

Introduction To MetaFact

MetaFact is a mission driven AI Chabot that will help validate the news content that appears to be fake, misleading, factually incorrect, propaganda or click bait among many more forms that are being…

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