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Delivering platforms in Internet of Things

Aug 29

Edge Computing for Industry 4.0 – Too beneficial to ignore

Edge Computing for Industry 4.0: The market is beginning to take control of the data that is being produced in the period of IIoT.

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Aug 27

IOT and System Integration Goes Hand-in-Hand

IOT and System Integration: It makes the whole higher than the amount of the parts for the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0

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Aug 22

Edge Computing for Healthcare Drives The Future of Healthcare

Edge Computing for Healthcare: With an industry as important as the healthcare sector, edge computing adoption will drive this sector into a better future.

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Aug 20

AI on Edge Computing – Can it solve IoT Data Privacy Issues?

AI on Edge Computing: Edge computing alone is not sufficient to solve privacy issues. Intuitive edge with AI is key to making these devices truly smart.

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Simularity - Oct 19 - Blog Post:
Vietnam Increases Fortifications on West Reef In 2020

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Noodle AI - Oct 19 - Blog Post:
MMSteelClub and Noodle.ai: Webcast Video Highlights from the Steel Making Tec...

On September 23, 2020 I joined the “Steel Making Technologies”  panel during MM Steel Club’s “Steel, Metals and Mining Week...

Algorithmia - Oct 19 - Blog Post:
How the pandemic changed enterprise AI and ML

Deploying AI at Scale

Facebook AI - Oct 19 - Blog Post:
Facebook at CSCW 2020: Understanding social comparison by country

The ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) is an important venue where Facebook researchers can share…

Dynamic Yield - Oct 19 - Blog Post:
Dynamic Yield for Developers

Create the digital customer experience infrastructure needed to support your organization’s vision with a flexible server- and client-side implementation.

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