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Text Analysis with Machine Learning. Automate business workflows and save hours of manual data processing

Apr 06

Build a Simple Text Extractor With Machine Learning

Text extraction is an automated process that uses AI to extract important information from your data. Try this simple text extractor tutorial to create your own.

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Jun 01

Best Text Analytics APIs & Visualization Tools for Your Data

Looking for a tool to uncover insights, trends, and patterns from data? Discover the best SaaS & open source APIs available and find the right solution for you!

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Jun 01

Tutorial on How to Do Sentiment Analysis With Facebook Data

Sentiment analysis is an AI technique that classifies text as positive, negative, or neutral. Learn how to perform sentiment analysis on Facebook data.

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May 28

Best Text Classification APIs – Automatically Organize Data

Check out the best SaaS & Open Source APIs for text classification, and find the right tool to gain insights from your business data!

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Products and Case Studies
Monkeylearn - Monkeylearn - Smart Text Analysis

Text Analysis and Machine Learning made easy. Get started for free!

Case Study : Devex | Online Media

How Devex used MonkeyLearn to scale it's content curation process

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Case Study : Promoter.Io | Customer Experience

How Promoter.io added keyword analysis to save their users tons of time processing NPS feedback

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Case Study : Drift | Sales Automation

How Drift implemented natural language processing quickly and easily with MonkeyLearn

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AWS - Machine Learning - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Pioneering personalized user experiences at StockX with Amazon Personalize

This is a guest post by Sam Bean and Nic Roberts II at StockX. In their own words, “StockX is...

AWS - Machine Learning - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Multi-GPU distributed deep learning training at scale with Ubuntu18 DLAMI, EF...

AWS Deep Learning AMI (Ubuntu 18.04) is optimized for deep learning on EC2 Accelerated Computing Instance types, allowing you to...

Artificial Solutions - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Adapting to Change: How Conversational AI Delivers Opportunities in an Uncert...

In this article we look into some of the changes Covid-19 has wrought and how business can use conversational AI...

Facebook AI - Jun 03 - Blog Post:
Protecting privacy in Facebook mobility data during the COVID-19 response

Background On April 6, 2020, Facebook Data for Good released three additions to our Disease Prevention Maps product to help…

Exxact Corporation - Jun 02 - Blog Post:
The Unreasonable Progress of Deep Neural Networks in Natural Language Process...

Natural language processing (NLP) with deep neural networks follows deep learning for the vision of the future. Here's the progress...

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