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Moogsoft is a pioneer and leading provider of AIOps solutions that help IT teams work faster and smarter.

May 18

Applying AIOps to Logs Is Key for Observability

Logging is essential o understanding what's happening in your environment. This is the third in a series of posts examining AIOps and observability.

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Jun 29

Moogsoft Express Helps DevOps and SRE Teams Develop More and Operate Less

The new cloud-native AIOps product keeps CI/CD pipelines humming, detects application problems, and honors SLAs. Here's a recap of the product launch event.

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Jun 25

Testcontainers for Containerized Integration Testing at Moogsoft

In this blog post, we’ll share how Testcontainers made it so much easier to write integration and component tests here at Moogsoft.

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Jun 24

AIOps Applied to Observability Will Automate Your Monitoring

Collecting and analyzing your metrics, logs, and traces in real-time is very important, providing the cues, signals, and insights for service assurance.

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Products and Case Studies
MOOGsoft - Moogsoft - IT Incident Management Platform

Moogsoft AIOps delivers Algorithmic Intelligence for Modern ITOps and DevOps. With Moogsoft, Genius Is At Your Fingertips.

Case Study : Godaddy Migrates To Aws With Moogsoft

How GoDaddy uses AIOps to streamline operations and cloud migration

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Case Study : Hcl Technologies | Managed It Services

How machine learning & social collaboration became a top priority for this global MSP.

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AWS - Machine Learning - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Giving your content a voice with the Newscaster speaking style from Amazon Polly

Audio content consumption has grown exponentially in the past few years. Statista reports that podcast ad revenue will exceed a...

Egypteam - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Como usar tecnologia para estudar para concursos?

Quer saber como usar tecnologia para estudar para concursos púvlicos? Conheça o passo a passo da ferramenta da EduQC Concursos.

Microsoft - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Azure AI: Build mission-critical AI apps with new Cognitive Services capabili...

As the world adjusts to new ways of working and staying connected, we remain committed to providing Azure AI solutions...

E-Bot7 - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Kommunikation und Künstliche Intelligenz – Der Einsatz von Chatbots

In diesem Interview mit unserem Partner ISS Software spricht Xaver Lehmann Gründer und CEO von e-bot7 über KI in der Kundenkommunikation. 

AWS - Machine Learning - Jul 08 - Blog Post:
Accelerating innovation: How serverless machine learning on AWS powers F1 Ins...

FORMULA 1 (F1) turns 70 years old in 2020 and is one of the few sports that combines real-time skill...

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