• Deep Learning
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Conversational AI for Marketing, Commerce, and Customer Service

The worldÕs best conversational AI comes from msg.ai. msg.ai enables brands to unlock the power of one-to-one relationships at every touchpoint in the customer journey. By leveraging deep reinforcement learning, the same AI architecture used for self-driving cars and space technology, brands can engage in personalized interactions at scale and drive tangible business results. msg.ai partners with the worldÕs biggest brands across industries including CPG, retail, telecommunications, travel, automotive, sports/entertainment, and media. Backed by Index Ventures and Y-Combinator, msg.ai is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York and India.

Company Details
  • http://msg.ai
  • Headquarters San Francisco
  • Specialties Deep Learning
Products and Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence Platform for Conversational Commerce

Case Study : Westjet Airlines’ Ai Juliet

Baggage fees? Is my flight on time? Meet Juliet, the WestJet AI that helps you along your entire journey.

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