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Jul 09

8haus: Asian and Western Meets At The Porky Center

8haus, an establishment neatly located at Bukit Bintang, serves classically delicious Western & Oriental fusion food within the comforts of beautifully erect brick walls - form, fashion and everything in between.

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Aug 08

Frozen by Ken: Desserts Mom Warned You About

Frozen by Ken, Bangsar's resident premier dessert shop, brings the artistic semblance of a crisp Instagram photo and the sweet, savory ambrosia of the ice cream gods to all dessert fanatics.

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Aug 01

Wave Cafe: Waffles And Softserve Dreams Are Made Of

Wave Cafe is a dessert haven for those inclined to find themselves binging on the sweet harmonious mixture of waffles and ice cream. Because, why settle for just waffles or ice cream when they pair up to epic desserty proportions.

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Jul 30

Foremula: Brunch Offerings To The Insta Gods

Foremula Cafe, minimalistic in its design, gracefully executed to mimic something of the Instagram variety, serves a beautiful and delicious array of brunch offerings. And the brunch world has never been the same since.

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Myfinb - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
AI:10 Mar – 10th Issue

"Artificial intelligence is impacting the future of virtually every industry and every human being. Artificial intelligence has acted as the...

Verbit - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
Meeting New Media Market Requirements

Verbit is customizing its tools to help meet new media requirements for burned captions, or open captions, as well as...

Optimove - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
What CMOs Need to Know About Maximizing CRM Marketing Impact

Over the past few years, CMOs have earned their "place at the table" by attributing revenues to their efforts. But...

Optimove - Mar 07 - Blog Post:
What CMOs need to know about maximizing CRM Marketing impact

Over the past few years, CMOs have earned their "place at the table" by attributing revenues to their efforts. But...

Myfinb - Mar 06 - Blog Post:
Dubai Municipality wins award for AI deployment in wastewater plant

"Dubai Municipality said it has won the Ideas Arabia international award, organised by Dubai Quality Group, in the "Sustainability" category,...

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