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Jul 11

Mighty Monster: Photoshopped Slice Of Life

I like to think that I’m a sum product of my seamlessly filtered thoughts. That, as I scroll with mindless abandon through the thoroughly vetted revolving social media machine, it is from a place of […] The post Mighty Monster: Photoshopped Slice Of Life appeared first on Munchh Official Blog.

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Aug 08

Frozen by Ken: Desserts Mom Warned You About

Frozen by Ken, Bangsar's resident premier dessert shop, brings the artistic semblance of a crisp Instagram photo and the sweet, savory ambrosia of the ice cream gods to all dessert fanatics.

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Aug 01

Wave Cafe: Waffles And Softserve Dreams Are Made Of

Wave Cafe is a dessert haven for those inclined to find themselves binging on the sweet harmonious mixture of waffles and ice cream. Because, why settle for just waffles or ice cream when they pair up to epic desserty proportions.

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Jul 30

Foremula: Brunch Offerings To The Insta Gods

Foremula Cafe, minimalistic in its design, gracefully executed to mimic something of the Instagram variety, serves a beautiful and delicious array of brunch offerings. And the brunch world has never been the same since.

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Simularity - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
AI Discovers Changes – Gets International News Coverage

Our recent report outlining how our AI discovered new construction on Mischief Reef has gotten notice from the Press. In...

Simularity - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
BBC China: Satellite images “show new changes in Mischief Reef” China is accu...

Published Feb 25, 2021 Link: https://www.bbc.com/zhongwen/simp/chinese-news-56198339

SAS - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
Celebrate International Women's Day with SAS

The post Celebrate International Women's Day with SAS appeared first on SAS Blogs.

Inzata - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
Data Science vs. Business Intelligence: Data-Driven Decisions & Key Differenc...

In today’s business world, it seems like all decisions and strategies ultimately point back to one thing: data....

SAS - Mar 01 - Blog Post:
Government: Intelligent decisions in turbulent times

The UK government sector is standing on the verge of the unknown. The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the...

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