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Jul 13

Neighbour’s Coffee Bar: If Heaven Came In Pancake Form

Neighbour's Coffee Bar looks like heaven and taste like heaven. Call in sick. Leave work early. Just do whatever it takes to get your hands on their Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes. Times ticking.

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Aug 08

Frozen by Ken: Desserts Mom Warned You About

Frozen by Ken, Bangsar's resident premier dessert shop, brings the artistic semblance of a crisp Instagram photo and the sweet, savory ambrosia of the ice cream gods to all dessert fanatics.

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Aug 01

Wave Cafe: Waffles And Softserve Dreams Are Made Of

Wave Cafe is a dessert haven for those inclined to find themselves binging on the sweet harmonious mixture of waffles and ice cream. Because, why settle for just waffles or ice cream when they pair up to epic desserty proportions.

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Jul 30

Foremula: Brunch Offerings To The Insta Gods

Foremula Cafe, minimalistic in its design, gracefully executed to mimic something of the Instagram variety, serves a beautiful and delicious array of brunch offerings. And the brunch world has never been the same since.

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