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The AI platform for Patient Experience Improvement

NarrativeDx is the market leader in improving patient experience for healthcare systems, hospitals, ACOs, and outpatient facilities. We achieve industry-leading accuracy through our patent-pending Adaptive Rounding technology. This particular tool listens to patient feedback, recognizes potential issues, and tailors questions in real-time to ask specific, issue-related questions. If an issue is confirmed as a problem, NarrativeDx will alert staff in real-time. In addition, our technology is able to drill down to patient comments at the sub-phrase level, analyzing sentiment with a healthcare-specific ontology of over 4,000 categorizations. Our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine combines deep-learning with our proprietary healthcare-specific ontology of over 4,000 categorizations to analyze patient comments and sentiment at the sub-phrase level to deliver industry leading analysis of patient sentiments.

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Narrativedx Adaptive Rounding

Proactively collect targeted patient feedback

Narrativedx Patient Experience Analytics

Driving exceptional patient experience with the NarrativeDx analytics platform is the right strategy for better clinical outcomes and growth.

Case Study : Hackensackumc Palisades | Improving Patient Experience

HackensackUMC Palisades partnered with NarrativeDx to achieve the following goals: identify areas for improvement, determine which actions to take, priorit...

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