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Oct 03

Counterfeit sports goods may be dangerous for the players

As per the study conducted by EUIPO in 2015, 6.5% of sales are lost by the sports goods sector due to counterfeiting. It amounts to the revenue loss of up to €500 per year. Whereas 60% of sports goods sold online in India are fake. Apart from financial setbacks, job losses, and tax loss...

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Jan 02

KPIs covered by NeuroTags Marketing Solution

Marketing can be termed as a  continuous effort to connect and remain connected to the heart and mind of your customers. Effective marketing drives sales and increases consumer engagement and retention. NeuroTags solution covers crucial marketing KPIs that help marketers to achieve...

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Dec 12

Counterfeiting – The genuine problem of fake goods rising globally

Counterfeiting is taking a serious toll on business and brand credibility. Many brands have lost their brand value and years of nurtured recognition to counterfeited products. Fake products, especially the food and health care items, are posing a significant threat to the safety of consumers.  Illicit trade is hurting sales, ROI, and even jobs. According to […] The post Counterfeiting – The genuine problem of fake goods rising globally appeared first on NeuroTags Articles and Updates.

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Dec 06

How NeuroTags is helping clients with future-ready digitalization

Knowing the fact that consumer electronics are one of the worst affected industries by counterfeiting, Syska wanted to take preventive action to protect their products and customers. In the same pursuit, the company was looking to enable digital capabilities in their products to enable the digitalization.

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