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Oct 03

Counterfeit sports goods may be dangerous for the players

As per the study conducted by EUIPO in 2015, 6.5% of sales are lost by the sports goods sector due to counterfeiting. It amounts to the revenue loss of up to €500 per year. Whereas 60% of sports goods sold online in India are fake. Apart from financial setbacks, job losses, and tax loss...

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Sep 04

Top 10 mobile marketing tips that drive leads and sales

Mobile marketing is a must for every online business as well as for offline brands for creating a sustainable brand identity. Mobile marketing essentially means targeting mobile users and converting leads to success through engaging marketing contents. Here, we have compiled the top 10 mobile marketing strategies...

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Sep 03

What is SDK and why use them?

If you are a mobile marketer, you probably might have heard about the term SDK several times while discussing products and services with a software development team. However, do you know what exactly it is and how important it is in software application development? 

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Aug 28

Product Digitization Explained

Technological advancements have disrupted the traditional methods of business operations. Now, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics are being used to create advanced and more sophisticated machines that are safer and have higher production capacity. Similarly, the digitalization of various business aspects has started happening to reap the maximum benefits of digital technology. One of these aspects […] The post Product Digitization Explained appeared first on NeuroTags Blog.

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